“Bring Sally Up” Challenge – Week Two

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When you’re in lockdown, you might as well try something new.

I’ve attempted the Bring Sally Up Challenge.

This is how it can be done.

That’s not how I’m doing it though. Not yet, anyway.

Week One Review

During my first week of this challenge, I saw my efforts progress from 46 to 68 seconds. I was pleased with myself, especially as I also put my creaky old bones through some Joe Wicks PE class torment.

My plan was to continue this throughout lockdown, and we’re only just beginning. So here we go, into week two.

Day Eight:

Tuesday 31st March. Because lockdown started on a Tuesday, the Bring Sally Up Challenge week also starts on a Tuesday.

No PE class this morning. My daughter agreed that we needed a break, despite only being one day into the week. Yesterday’s class was tough.

No progress on the push up challenge today. I wonder if I’ve found my limit at 68 seconds.

Tomorrow’s a rest day, so I’ll have to wait until Day 10 (Thursday) to find out.

Day Nine:

No Bring Sally Up Challenge today.

We’d planned a PE session, but it seems this ageing old duffer doesn’t have what it takes. It started when I woke up yesterday. A twinge, deep in my bum cheek that stung whenever I moved. I blame the Superman squats from Monday – about 12 minutes in, below. Not only hard work, but also potentially devastating for the glutes.

Unperturbed, my daughter was ready to go at 9am. Unfortunately, it’s April Fool’s Day. There was no PE today. Instead there was a “joke” PE session. If you saw it, you can make your own judgements!

Hopefully back to normal tomorrow.

Day Ten:

Another no PE day. Partly because I still have the same pain in the arse that I moaned about yesterday. But also, because I didn’t get up until gone 10am – none of us did. This is no bad thing. We clearly needed a long lie-in and that’s exactly what we got.

Two days off from morning PE sessions, coupled with a rest day from the Bring Sally Up challenge. You’d expect progress, right?


It seems, so far, that 68 seconds really is my limit. I can’t find the strength to bring Sally back up again after that point. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. I’ve set my expectations low.

Day Eleven:

Push ups are one of those things we just do. I did push ups when I was a kid. It’s not rocket science. You get down and push up again.

But, surely, I should be seeing progress. Shouldn’t I be able to push past 68 seconds? I’ve been here since day seven.

It occurred to me that, maybe, my issue is with technique. Fortunately, I have the internet.

YouTube is filled with experts happy to share their advice on everything. A little searching uncovered this young man.

He uses what sounds like proper terminology. So, today’s effort will include a little more focus on form. From what I gather, it might make things more, rather than less, difficult.

I should add that we joined the thousands who tuned into Joe Wicks this morning. He’s stepped it up a notch (admittedly, only a small one), so I was slightly weary.

Anyway, Bring Sally Up challenge, with an improved technique – 55 seconds. That’s right, folks – it was worse.

With a rest day tomorrow and no PE class until Monday, I hope Sunday brings improvements. If not, this challenge might not last until the end of lockdown.

Day Twelve:

No exercise today.

Day Thirteen:

Importantly, I maintained my good form during today’s attempt. It feels different in my shoulders – less strained and without the burn from the start.

Instead, I feel it in my triceps – a muscle I’ve never previously given much attention. And it’s there that the fatigue kicks in first.

Still, slight progress from Day Eleven. I was able to push up and lower myself again after the first break, giving a respectable 61 seconds.

I hope to finish week two at least as good as I started. I’ll find out tomorrow, probably after an early morning PE class.

Day Fourteen:

A shamelessly lazy (11am) start meant PE class was far from my thoughts as I tucked into a bacon sandwich. Keep your judgements, it’s the Easter holidays!

Breakfast was followed by kitchen table tennis. None of us were any good. Then the cat got involved and we all lost interest.

Proper exercise didn’t seem at all appealing. But, as a minimum, I thought I should try to better yesterday’s time.

I’m pleased to say I did.

68 seconds.


At least, I achieved my aim of finishing the week as I started. I shouldn’t be too despondent.

Feeling energised, I persuaded my daughter we should catch up with Joe Wicks. She abandoned me after the warmup, leaving me leaping around the living room alone.

Still, I’ve now experienced burpees. Whoever invented them is an arsehole.

Bring Sally Up Challenge – week two summary

An improvement in form resulted in a lack of progress.

Week three starts with a rest from the Bring Sally Up Challenge.

Check back again next Tuesday to find out whether I improve on the seemingly impassable 68 seconds.

Header image by Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay