“Bring Sally Up” Challenge – Week Four

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When you’re in lockdown, you might as well try something new.

I’ve attempted the Bring Sally Up Challenge.

Week Three Review

Three weeks in and I’m still going. After a relatively poor week two, week three was slightly more positive. Having reached a peak of 79 seconds, I dropped to a reasonable 71 seconds.

Better than that, I started running again, which I was very pleased about.

This week will include more runs, and hopefully some progress in the Bring Sally Up Challenge.

Day Twenty Two:

Today’s effort started differently. I thought, “why not warm up a bit? Perhaps that’s why I’m not making much progress.”

I’m not sure how you warm up for push ups. Is there a proper way to do it?

I chose the big arm circle thing. 20 forwards and 20 backwards. Seemed like a reasonable choice.

Then I got into position, hit play and everything instantly felt sore. It did not feel like a record-breaking day.

But, as the over-familiar tune warbled on, everything seemed easier. My shoulders didn’t ache as much as I expected and, in the end, I managed to equal my previous best time of 79 seconds.

I’ll take that.

Day Twenty Three:

Another day, another pre-breakfast run. I’ve started a separate blog tracking how my body copes with “running on empty”. So far, it doesn’t seem keen. That could be a lack of fitness – we’ll see.

I was out at 6:30am, for five miles against the backdrop of a beautiful, crisp morning.

Then home to make a special birthday breakfast for my beautiful wife.

The Ordinary Runner - Bring Sally Up Challenge - Day Twenty Three
These early runs offer up some great photo opportunities

Warmed up for the Bring Sally Up Challenge again – after yesterday’s attempt, it seemed to be the way forward.

It felt quite good today. My arms were ready and my shoulders nice and loose. I breezed through the first bit, barely feeling any strain.

But, as always, that low hold took its toll and things started to feel tough. I was convinced I’d gone further than before. But, as my arms refused to bring Sally back up again, I realised I’d only gone as far as yesterday – 79 seconds.

Day Twenty Four:

The rest day to end all rest days. I did nothing. No running, no push ups, no exercise whatsoever.

Day Twenty Five:

After doing nothing yesterday, I wanted a good result today.

I had planned a run this morning, but a late night (working, nothing fun), meant there was no chance of an early rise.

A good warm up, with some arm circles and a few other bits, then I got down to bringing Sally up.

89 seconds!

I got all the way through to the second of the long holds, just about holding on until the command to Bring Sally Up again.

Try as I might, I couldn’t force another push up. But that doesn’t matter, I smashed my previous record and edged tantalisingly close to 90 seconds.

I was a bit happy with that.

Day Twenty Six:

Yesterday’s run happened today. A healthy 9.5km, including a couple of laps around my local park, because I wasn’t ready to stop. All on an empty stomach.

After my early run, the day seemed to trickle away, like they all do in lockdown. Another Satuvembursday gone in a blur.

As a result, I warmed up for the Bring Sally Up Challenge much later than usual.

It took all my grunt and strain, but I equalled yesterday’s Herculean effort – 89 seconds.

Tomorrow is called a “Sunday”. I’m not sure what that means. Presumably it’s something to do with the weather. I hope so.

It’s also a non-Bring Sally Up Challenge Day, which is a far more meaningful measure of time for me now.

The Ordinary Runner - Bring Sally Up Challenge - Day Twenty Six

Day Twenty Seven:

“Sun” day lived up to its name.

No running, no bringing Sally up or down, no real exercise at all.

I spent a few hours clearing the alley behind my house, which sort of counts as a workout.

And my bald head suffered the effects of the day’s name.

Day Twenty Eight:

The Ordinary Runner - Bring Sally Up Challenge - Day Twenty Eight
Social distancing made fun

Heavy feeling run today. Five miles, starting at 6:30am. I never really got going. It just didn’t seem right.

I expected the Bring Sally Up Challenge to be tough. I think yesterday’s garden clearing antics took a toll on my arms.

I stuck with it, though, and managed 86 seconds. That’ll do.

That brings another week to a close. Four weeks of lockdown already.

I don’t know if it feels like four weeks or not. I don’t know anything anymore.

Bring Sally Up Challenge – week four summary

Plenty of running. And, I almost managed 90 seconds of bringing Sally up and down!

Lockdown has been extended to at least 7th May. I don’t think that’s enough time to get all the way through the song.

See you next Endofbringsallyupchallengeweekday.

Header photo by Luis Quintero