“Bring Sally Up” Challenge – Week Five

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When you’re in lockdown, you might as well try something new.

I’ve attempted the Bring Sally Up Challenge.

Week Four Review

Four weeks into lockdown, coronavirus continued to infect people across the world. In the UK, lockdown was extended until May – at the earliest.

In other news, I managed almost 90 seconds of the Bring Sally Up Challenge. As things stagnated in Week Three, I incorporated a warm up in Week Four. It seemed to work.

What’s more, I ran regularly. Before breakfast. My fitness improved and my body seemed happier to be running without its morning fuel.

Oh, and time lost all meaning.

Day Twenty Nine:

No running today. I had a lazy morning, followed by some much-needed work. Like many, my income is massively affected by the virus, so any work is very welcome.

I took an early afternoon break for the Bring Sally Up Challenge. An extended warm up included some stretches and arm circling nonsense.

Then, another 89 second effort. I’m sure I’ll progress beyond it, but for now, there’s nothing left in my arms after the second of the long holds.

Now, that would normally have been it for today. But I’ve chosen to make life more difficult.

I’ve decided this challenge needs a new dimension.

I’ve decided to add squats to the challenge.

This, in theory, should be more straightforward. Legs are stronger than arms. I exercise my legs a lot more, what with all the running. And anyway, squats are easier than push ups. Everyone knows that!

Compared with Day One of the original challenge, I did much better. In fact, I equalled Day Twenty Nine of the Push Up version – 89 seconds.

I’d hoped for more, but I’m happy with that. It was harder than I expected.

Day Thirty:

The Ordinary Runner - Bring Sally Up Challenge - Week Five
A lovely message found in a seafront shelter

Another early morning run and my first lockdown 10k.

The run was unspectacular. I’ve found a route and I’ve decided to stick with it (for now).

It’s relatively free from people and I have some options – I can always do extra laps of the park.

Pleased to have hit 10k. It makes me wonder how far I can go before breakfast.

Day Thirty One:

No preamble here. I spent most of the day at my computer, which isn’t great.

What is great is how I did in my challenges.

Push ups – One hundred and one seconds. 101 seconds. That’s one minute forty one. 1:41.

I was pleased with that.

Squats – 126 seconds.

I struggled to walk down the stairs afterwards.

Day Thirty Two:

You know how, sometimes, you have an idea that seems great?

But it’s not.

I had one of those today.

You see, I thought that running laps of my local park (and only that) would be a good idea. Better even than heading down to the seafront and running along the promenade.

However much I try, I can’t remember what it was that made it seem like a good idea.

It definitely wasn’t.

In fact, it was so dull, Strava didn’t even show the map of where I ran.

Lesson learned. I won’t do it again.

Much later, I did the Bring Sally Up Challenge.

Sunrise over the local skate park

The push ups were difficult after yesterday. I managed 89 seconds. That’s good enough.

I thought the squats would be harder, after all the running I’ve done this week. I was wrong – I did 167 seconds.

At this rate, I’ll be squatting up and down throughout the whole song by the end of next week.


Day Thirty Three:


Day Thirty Four:

You know what I said about the squats? That I’d make it through the whole song by the end of the week.

Remember? About five lines back?

Well, I did it. I made it through the whole song. All 206 seconds of it.

Before the end of the week.

The question is, do I carry on doing them?

I guess I’ll see how I feel after my run tomorrow.

Aside from that, I did some yoga. Nothing too strenuous. I barely used my arms or shoulders.

So, considering the rest I had yesterday, the push ups should have been a breeze.

I lasted for 89 seconds.

Perhaps Day Thirty One was an anomaly.

Day Thirty Five:

The Ordinary Runner - Bring Sally Up Challenge - Week Five
Check out Horace’s other work on Instagram (instagram.com/horace_art) your local (Worthing) street

Today began, as all Mondays should*, with a 10k.

I’d count it among my favourite lockdown runs. A beautiful, bright day with low breeze and few people to swerve along the promenade.

I was curious how the squats might go after an energy sapping run, but I needn’t have worried – I repeated yesterday’s success.

I reckon I’ll carry on doing them, but I won’t bore you with the details anymore.

As for the push ups. I matched my previous best time of 101 seconds. Seems Day Thirty One wasn’t a one-off. Also, Day Thirty Four me didn’t know what he’s talking about

And that brings week five to a close.

*Monday’s don’t necessarily have to start with a 10k.

Bring Sally Up Challenge – week five summary

A new best of 101 seconds. Plus, a new, squat-shaped element to the challenge, which I’ve completed already.

Push up progress remains slow. But, it’s progress all the same.

Should I add anything new next week, since the squats were so simple? I’ll have a think. I’ve got a rest day tomorrow.

Header photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash